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11 Spooktacular Halloween Skull Decor Ideas

We’re super excited about Halloween and we hope to share this excitement with you this year. We’re aware that there are tons and tons of ideas out there when it comes to decorations and they come in all sorts of forms and sizes so we thought we’d try a simple approach this year and focus on something classic: the skull. There are more interesting and creative ways to decorate with skulls than you’re probably aware of and this can also include Halloween skeleton decors too so let’s check out some of our favorite ideas.


Let’s just start by saying that not all skulls are spooky….or don’t have to be spooky. Curious how you could make a skull look cute and happy? The answer is simple: string art. DIY skull string art can be super fun and allows you to customize the design however you want which means your skull could be smiling, like this one.

This colorful Terrazzo skull looks pretty cute and happy too, especially with those little succulents on it. If you’d like to make something similar, this is what you’re going to need: a plain plaster skull, acrylic paint in a few different colors, a paintbrush, small faux succulents and a hot glue gun. You can find all the details of the project on blissmakes.

Painting a skull black can really change the ambiance, making everything looks dramatic and spooky. You can soften the look with a few cute ornaments such as some tiny succulents or maybe a few flowers. If you cut off the top section of the skull, you could turn it into a Halloween planter. The idea comes from diyinpdx and that’s where you’ll also find a detailed tutorial for this craft.

You don’t actually need skulls to make skull Halloween decorations. You can improvise and use plain plastic eggs which you can paint with sharpies to turn into little skulls which you can then glue onto a wreath form to create a festive Halloween wreath. The idea comes from designimprovised. If you’re not a big fan of wreaths then you could use the little egg skulls to make a hanging garland.

Can’t find any skull decorations that suit your needs? You could always make some yourself from scratch. You’d need a skull mold, plaster/ clay, water and a plastic or paper bowl. You could use these clay skulls to decorate some candlesticks. You can optionally paint the skull candlesticks to give a more spooky glow. 

For this funky skull wreath project you’re going to need some unusual supplies including a bag of corn husks. You’ll be using the husks to decorate a simple wreath form. It will take a while so be patient and don’t rush the process. In addition to the husks you’ll also need floral wire, a hot glue gun, a skull cut-out, black paint and a white paint marker. You can find additional details on kleinwoorthco.

Look how fancy and fabulous this skull is….it looks like it’s all dressed up and ready to party. It looks rally nice at the end of the stairs and with that cool hat and scarf on. We also like the black feather garland which is used to decorate the handrail. Find details about this project on entertaininggrace.

Two skulls are better than one and three are better than two so, following this logic, you’d better start gathering as many skulls as you can so you can make this Halloween the spookiest one yet. A cool idea could be to stack a bunch of skulls and to make a sort of spooky totem which you can display next to the fireplace, by the sofa or at the front door. Check out homedecormomma to find out how to pull it off.

The skull is definitely an important part of this Halloween centerpiece but there’s more than that involved in the setup. You can gather a few spooky, Halloween-themed objects and display them all under a cloche. This can be your new Halloween table centerpiece. This spooktacular idea comes from atinycottageongrand.

Another cool idea can be to make a skull lantern. Sure, you could use a regular-sized skull and put a candle inside but that would be too simple so we challenge you to make this boneyard lantern featured on ohmycreative. You’ll need the following supplies: mini plastic skulls, a glass cylinder vase, skull necklaces, glue, gloss white spray paint, caulking, tape, a drill (or an x-acto knife) and battery-operated tea lights.

In case you want to display the whole skeleton and not just the skull, we have an idea that might interest you: a DIY skeleton drink bucket. It’s exactly what you think it is: an ice bucket with a skeleton in it. Well, it’s actually a bit fancier than it sounds so be sure to check out gigglesgalore to find out all the details of the project.

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