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Easy Fall Craft Ideas For Cozy And Stylish Homes

Every season is exciting in its own way. Fall brings with it a wonderful feeling of coziness and warmth in spite of the fact that the weather actually gets colder. Trees shed their leaves and nature changes its colors, revealing beautiful shades of red, orange, brown and yellow. These changes inspire us to decorate our homes accordingly. We’ve prepared  a bunch of fall craft ideas which will hopefully inspire you.

A lot of the decorations which we display in our homes involve candles. The decorations can be super simple and can at the same time look very beautiful and charming. For example, there are a lot of great ways in which you can make a fall ornament using a glass bowl and a candle. Place the candle in the bowl/ container and add a few ornaments around it. These can be pinecones, popcorn kernels, cinnamon sticks, a piece of rope or even beans of different colors.

Speaking of fall and candles, a nice idea can be to upcycle jars and to turn them into stylish containers in which to display autumn-inspired decorations. Check out three of our ideas which we mentioned a while back. You can decorate the jars with ribbon, leaves or you can spray paint the interior. Inside you can put candles or other ornaments.

Mason jars and twine are another great combo. There are a lot of lovely ways in which to decorate the jars using twine and this is one of our favorites. The idea is simple. You take a jar, you clean it and you remove the label if there is one, then you wrap some twine around its center and you add a metal washer as a central ornament at the end. You can use the jars as centerpieces.

Aren’t these leaf bowl votive candle holders just charming? You’re probably thinking there’s no way you can find these at your local stores but there’s no need since you can actually craft them yourself from scratch. All you need is some artificial leaves, Mod Podge, a small bowl and plastic wrap. The project is surprisingly simple and very creative.

You probably have some string lights which you use to decorate the Christmas tree or you keep for other events and thanks to this fabulous project idea you can now also turn them into beautiful fall decorations. The idea is to make leaf string lights and for that you need shrinky dinks (which are basically just flexible sheets of plastic), permanent markers, leaf stencils, scissors, a hot glue gun and scissors.

Wreaths are very common decorations which can be customized to suit any theme or occasion. A fall wreath could be made using wood rounds. Use a plate as a template and arrange the wood pieces around its edge, making sure they overlap so you can glue them together. You can decorate your wood slice wreath with a burlap bow and a few faux flowers.

If you have some extra time on your hands and you don’t mind long, repetitive tasks, check out this fall brass and copper tack wreath. It’s made using a foam wreath form, 2,800 brass flat head thumbtacks and some copper wire ribbon. Yes, you need a lot of tacks for this project and you’d need a lot more if you’d also have to cover up the back side of the wreath but that’s just not worth it.

Make a cute rustic sign to welcome fall into your home. You’ll need a piece of hardwood, a drill, some twine, white paint, a fine paintbrush, chalk and a stencil or a paper printout of what you want to paint on the sign. It can be symbol, a message or a silhouette. You can also adjust this project to make something beautiful for winter or for spring when the time comes.

Another one of our favorite fall craft ideas is to make beaker leaf vases. We love how simple, clean and fresh these little vases look and how easy it is to make these decorations. All you need is beaker vases and foliate or seasonal flowers. each vase will only hold one stem and that’s what makes the vases so charming in the first place. They look best when displayed in groups.

Accent pillows are very effective at setting the right mood or capturing the essence of a decor’s theme so if you’re planning on prepping your home for fall you might enjoy this project. The idea is to make foiled pillows using a white t-shirt (or a blank pillowcase), Deco Foil Hot Melt adhesive sheets and Deco Foil in various colors and leaf templates. Of course, you could paint the leaves onto the pillowcase too but the effect wouldn’t be the same and the die might wash off easily.

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