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15 DIY Self-Watering Planters That You Can Craft Today

Plants don’t normally require a lot of care and are great to have around for numerous reasons. However, there’s a problem. What will you do with your plants if you have to go away for a few days or more? They’re like quiet pets which you can’t take with you on trips and which have to be watered on a regular basis. The solution is quite simple: DIY self-watering planters. Yes there are quite a few fancy self-watering planters available in stores as well but they tend to be pretty expensive whereas these ones are super cheap and easy to make.

A lot of the DIY self-watering planters on our list are made from recycled bottles. The tutorial from craftyourhappiness shows how you can make such a planter out of nothing but a plastic bottle and a piece of string. Cut the bottle into two sections, make a hole in the cap and run the string through, put a few stones and soil into the top section, add the plant and then place this upside down into the bottom half of the bottle which is filled with water.

Check out how cute this self-watering planter is. It has two parts: a water reservoir at the bottom and the actual planter at the top. there’s a whole in the bottom of the planter with a wick coming out of it. The (or string) absorbs water and lets it seep into the soil, ensuring a suitable environment for the plant to grow in. You can make planters like this one using molds and concrete mix. Find all the details on instructables.

All DIY self-watering planters have pretty much the same structure. They feature a reservoir filled with water and the actual planter which sits on top and slowly receives water from the reservoir through small holes or a sort of wick. The self-watering downspout planter featured on instructables is no different. With this planter you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just remember to fill the reservoir every once in a while.

Plastic bottles are definitely easier to cut but if you want your self-watering planter to be a bit more sturdy you might want to use a glass bottle instead. You’ll need a bottle cutter for that. The project is fairly easy even with this extra step. What’s nice is that you could use a green-tinted wine bottle that would match the plants and would be heavy and sturdy enough to last for a very long time.

DIY self-watering planters are a perfect idea if you’re trying to grow an herb garden. The planters are small enough to be kept on the windowsill and large enough for the plants to have enough room for growing. The ones suggested on designsponge are made out of recycled bottles. As you can see, the two pieces don’t have matching colors and that’s a pretty cool detail.

To make it even easier to craft a self-watering planter out of a plastic bottle, choose a bottle that has a sports top. This way you won’t need to add the string and to make a hole in the map. In addition to the bottle you’ll also need some aquarium gravel, soil, a plant, scissors (or a small utility knife) and some dried moss. Follow the instructions on thechillydog and pay attention to the details.

After you’ve seen the ideas we’ve gathered so far, you might be wondering if there’s any possibility that you could make a large self-watering planter, more similar to what you already use. The answer is yes. Check out bucolicbushwick to find out how you can convert a standard planter into a self-watering one.

If you like the idea of a large self-watering planter or one that has a big reservoir for those times when you need to take long trips, you should have a look at the tutorial offered on frugalupstate. It shows you how to craft a self-watering planter that suits these criteria. The project is fairly simple and budget-friendly.

There’s more than one way to connect a planter to a water reservoir. The idea with the bottle planter that has a hole in the cap and a wick is one of the easiest ones to achieve but there’s another strategy that you might want to try. This idea comes from instructables. As you can see, the planters are hanging upside down and that’s pretty cool even without the self-watering system.

Another tutorial showing you how to build a self-watering planter can be found on thehandygardener. The supplies needed include a foam box with no holes and with a lid, a PVC pipe, a saw (or something to cut the pipe with), scissors, waterproof tape and a stick. Curious what the stick is for? It serves as a gauge that lets you know whether your planter box needs water or not.

The idea of upcycling water bottles into self-watering planters is great because you can make planters or all shapes and sizes, depending on how big the bottle is and how it’s shaped. If you need a large planter than use a water cooler bottle. That should offer a big water reservoir that will take care of your plants for quite. some time. the tutorial featured on bucolicbushwick also suggests using a tomato cage as a support structure if needed.

Speaking of large planters, another idea is to use buckets instead of big bottles. According to the tutorial offered on reallifeathome you can make a self-watering planter using two paint buckets, a paint mixing container, a piece of PVC pipe, a dowel and a drill. You’ll also need some coffee filters or cheese cloth to cover the holes at the bottom of the bucket with so soil doesn’t block them.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, you can probably use any type of pot or container to build a self-watering planter. It’s just a matter of adjusting the design and strategy to the supplies and tools that you have. Check out littlevictorian to find out how this whole process goes. It’s easy, cheap and anyone can do it. Also there’s a lot of room for customization.

It’s possible to build a self-watering planter out of just about anything. I think we’ve already proven this with all the planters made of bottles we showed you earlier but in case you still need convincing check out this project from verticalveg. These planters are made out of wood boxes, plastic sheets, pipes and plastic boxes.

Thanks to self-watering planters like this one you can grow beautiful tomatoes without even having a garden. You can make a planter like this one for less than $10. You need a towel, two containers and two sponges. You can find all the details plus instructions and tips in this Youtube video tutorial.

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